Our aim at Nemesis is a simple one - to entertain you with damn fine books.

There's an awful lot being written, blogged and twittered about how the publishing industry is undergoing something of a revolution. We're not going to waste time talking about it here. If you're a writer serious about your trade, you'll be well-versed in what is going on.

Nemesis is a small indie publisher, new to the market but with a very real desire to work with writers to develop their craft and create fantastic books - be they hardbacks, paperbacks or e-books. We are building Nemesis from the ground up, starting small and growing slowly but surely. We want our readers and authors to share in our adventures, through the good, bad and ugly times that come our way. If you follow our blog, you'll get an idea of what we're talking about.

So, who are we?

Nemesis is run by John and Emma Quirk. John is an author, freelance journalist and senior account manager for an advertising and PR company. Born and raised in the Isle of Man, he ran through the writer’s usual gamut of quirky, offbeat jobs before packing his rucksack and heading for university to study newspaper journalism. He taught English to schoolchildren in Moldova for six months before getting sucked into a thirteen-year journalism career. Now free from those shackles, when he’s not wearing his author’s hat or his publishing cap he can be found at Isle of Man Advertising and PR.

Jq-1--1--(2).jpgJohn has written two non-fiction books – The Manx Connection and The Amazing Story of Arthur Caley: The Manx Giant – and is working on several fiction projects. He’s a regular guest panellist on Litopia After Dark, the web’s first ever podcast for writers and publishers, and can usually be found rooting out useful tips and advice – for both writing and publishing – in the Litopia Writers' Colony, where he acts as a moderator and publicity officer. Follow his writing blog for more information.

Emma has worked in marketing and promotion for a host of companies, ranging from hotels to building contractors. Born and educated in London, she has, at one time or another, sold most things to most people, although she’s yet to tackle ice and Eskimos.

John and Emma live in the village of Colby in the south of the Isle of Man with their two children and two cats, who answer, when the notion takes them, to Rocky and Rambo. The cats, that is, not the children.

  • For those of you with an eye for web design, this site comes courtesy of Sam and Dan, the fine and talented web chaps at Isle of Man Advertising & PR. Cheers guys - and to you, Helen.